The Glorious Twelfth

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Where has the time gone?  The Fete is nearly upon us there are many things left to do which can only be done at the last minute. Like mark out and number the plots, plan where the ice cream, bouncy castle, first aid, notices, signposts, scout tents, book stall, and port-a-loos all go. Then put out the bunting, erect the marquee, set out the tables and chairs, create the arena, find rubbish bins. Tombola need a gazebo, and tables and 2 chairs and the ticket drum.

The Village Hall needs setting out, and all the preparation for the food, cakes and drinks needs to be done. The Parish Centre needs laying up and St Denys’ chairs arranging and the Heritage & History Group are preparing for the display in the Chapel. Road closure signs will not arrive until late the night before but have to out first thing in the morning. It all go! But as you can see almost none of it can happen until just before the event.

On the bright side so many other things have already been done. Health and Safety assessments have been made and action plans written up. Applications for licences for the raffle, the road closure, and rival market licence have been made, granted and fees paid. The traffic management company has been booked and the toilets ordered. The chairs and tables are hired in and paid for. The marquee is booked and will arrive on the Friday afternoon. The bunting has been checked and the repairs made. Volunteers have been canvassed and lists made. Can you help on the day? Let Pauline on 0116 2412210 know if you can.

The dark art of managing a Show as large as this – there are over 100 classes to be arranged in 3000 square feet of space – depends heavily on our Show Secretary and her dedicated team. They work non-stop once the tent is up to put the tables, drapes and display boards in place – grab some sleep and then do it all over again as the exhibits arrive. Tickets have been printed and cups returned for this year’s winners to receive.

It will be glorious once it is all set up. Please come and enjoy the day. It won’t be the same without you.

The Fete will be open form 12 Noon and will have many attractions as shown on other pages on this website.

“Stop Press” – did you know that Monica Winfield and Ady Dayman, who are presenters on BBC Radio Leicester, will here on the day and will be happy to answer questions about “Clueless” and gardening amongst others.