home-bakingAll stalls can be booked through the Site Manager, Michael White. A booking form may be accessed by clicking here.

Outside plots

Measuring 3m x 3m (10’x10’), these plots cost £25, with a maximum of two plots per application.

Inside plots

Smaller in size and located inside the Marquee, the inside plots cost £30, with a maximum of two per application.

The site is available on Fete and Show day from 8.30 – 11am for set up, including vehicle access onto the site. No vehicles maybe parked on the Green during the Fete and Show unless agreed by the site manager in advance. Breakdown takes place between 5-6pm, when vehicle access is again available.

N.B. Due to the nature of the Fete and Show and to ensure a wide variety of attractions for our visitors, we will only allow a set number of stall holders selling/displaying the same kind of items. For further details please contact the Site Manager.

Health and Safety, please contact us.